Ghana Post to support the “National Stop Crime Campaign”

The Ghana Post Company Limited is to support the “National Stop Crime Campaign” being championed by Mr Ibrahim Oppong Kwarteng, Ghana Prisons Service “Ambassador Extraordinaire”.

The “Ambassador Extraordinaire” would launch the “National Stop Crime Campaign” soon to educate the youth about the deplorable prison conditions to deter them from engaging in crime.

Mr Eric Yao, the Managing Director, Ghana Post, said this when Mr Oppong Kwarteng paid a courtesy call on him in his office in Accra.

The visit was to seek audience with the Managing Director and discuss his upcoming television show titled “Time with the prisoner” on Ghana Television and also obtain support for his campaign.

The Ghana Prisons Service Council conferred on Mr Kwarteng, “Ambassador Extraordinaire” for his dedication in projecting the welfare of prisoners and the deplorable prison conditions across the country.

He said the company decided to support the initiative because it was an idea that was important and needed their backing.

The Managing Director said as a courier and delivery Service Company, the issues of drugs confront the company but “we have introduced a checking regime to scan every package before it is delivered.”

“We need to advice the citizenry on the effects and dangers of drug use and the real life within the prison walls,” he added.

Mr Yao advised people working in courier service to be very careful and meticulous in their handling of parcels and packages.

Mr Kwarteng later told the Ghana News Agency that he would take the campaign to churches, schools and mosques to share with the public the living conditions of prisoners.

“Majority of the youth do not have any idea about prison living conditions,” he added.

He said currently he was in partnership with a few commercial transportation companies to show most of his documentaries on board to educate passengers.

He said research has shown that very little has been done in respect to campaign on crime prevention in the country, whereas much has been done on reformation and rehabilitation of prisons.

Mr Kwarteng said the climax of the launch of the campaign would be the out-dooring of the “Crime Check Foundation”, which seeks to project the painful prison picture to the public through documentaries on prisoner confessions among others.

Mr Kwarteng’s latest documentary on prison conditions titled “A Neglected Potential” moved the President, John Dramani Mahama to the Nsawam prison to see at firsthand, the deplorable living conditions to enable him to push for a higher budgetary allocation for the Prisons Service.

He said over the years much has not been done to project the plight of the service and its terrible nature, hence his interest to focus on the prisons.

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